Rental Provider Information

At Prime Real Estate, we have a thorough understanding of our rental providers’ needs and requirements and are passionate about managing their investments.

  • Leasing and Management Services
  • Appraising your vacant property
  • Transferring your property with a current tenancy
  • How do renters pay their rent?
  • Landlord Insurance

Leasing and Management Services

Appraising your property

In order to allow us to advise you of the current market rental value, we arrange a mutual time to conduct an inspection of the rental property. We can discuss ways to maximise the rental value and achieve the optimum return on your investment during this initial inspection.

If you are not able to be present, we can attend the inspection and discuss outcomes by phone or email.

Transferring your property with a current tenancy

A property can be transferred from another management agency while a tenancy is in place.

As soon as you contact Prime Real Estate and approve authorisation for us to manage your property, we will arrange everything for you.

We approach the renters with care and respect and advise them on all procedures for the transfer. We arrange a time to meet and greet the renter/s to re-assure them of our policies, procedures, transfer of rent payments and also to become familiar with your property. We conduct any overdue routine inspection and advise you of the current condition of your property. We review lease agreements, possible rent increase that may be warranted and discuss the current status of your property with you. We also advise on what we can do to maximise your rental return.

The transition is smooth and easy, and we believe you will notice the change for the better immediately.

How do renters pay their rent?

Renters have several options to pay their rent:

  • Internet banking
  • Through teller payments at their chosen financial institution

Landlord (Rental Provider) Insurance

Landlord Insurance is highly recommended for rental providers’ investment properties. The rental provider’s current insurer may be able to assist in this area or companies that specialise in Landlord insurance.