Gina Glowing About the Possibilities of Newtown Auction

5 Cook St, Newtown
5 Cook St, Newtown
Paul Chapple from the ‘The Weekly Review’ was present at the recent auction of 5 Cook St Newtown and wrote about it in the Market News section of the weekly magazine.

“Gina Popowicz (Prime) was glowing about the possibilities of 5 Cook St Newtown, a three-bedroom house with a wonderful outlook from the backyard towards Belmont and Highton. “This is a Prime property in a great position with a great future,” Popowicz told the gathering of 40.

“Whatever you decide to do, you cannot go wrong!”

The auctioneer knew there were people in the crowd who wanted the property, but they played hard to get.

She opened with a vendor bid of $570,000 and followed with another of $580,000. No nibbles were forthcoming, so she passed in the property.

An offer was made soon after the auction and negotiations began.”

The property sold in the days following the auction.

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