Prime Property Management Quality Guarantee

Your Prime Property Management Guarantee

Prime Real Estate has established an unrivalled reputation for delivering quality service and achieving outstanding results for our clients.

In fact, at Prime, we are so confident in our property management service, we are proud to offer you our Prime Guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your asset is in the safest hands.

At Prime Real Estate, we guarantee to:

– Conduct routine inspections of your investment property when they fall due (three months after a tenancy commences and every six months thereafter)

– Provide written feedback after every routine inspection

– Review both the market rental value and the status of the lease together with you prior to the expiration of your tenants’ lease (or every six months if your tenant is on a periodical lease)

– Conduct inspections for prospective tenants at least twice per week

– Be professional, courteous, prompt and accurate in all of our communications with you

So contact Prime today to see how the Prime Property Management Guarantee can help provide peace of mind for your property investments.

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