Vendor & Landlord says: “Our Experience has been First Class!”

4 Waterloo St, GEELONG WESTGina,


After 10 years of ownership with Waterloo Street, it is now sold. Thank you very much for managing the sales campaign for me.

We are very happy with the price achieved and wish the new owners all the very best in their new home.

I would especially like to thank you in particular for the 10 years of property management of the house. I am forever grateful for the way in which you and your staff followed through with the insurance company and roof repairers after we suffered water damage after some horrendous local storms. Having you manage this entire process on my behalf was a big relief especially as I don’t live locally.

I would be extremely happy to act as a reference to any prospective clients you may have as as our experience has been first class!

Wishing yourself  and all of your staff all the very best!


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